Tory Boyz


The National Youth Theatre is currently showing Tory Boyz at the Ambassador’s Theatre.  Originally shown in 2008 we now see the Tory Boyz move from opposition to government but still dealing with the dilemma of moving up the greasy pole of power.

The play explores the idea of whether Edward Heath was gay.  Frankly, what does it matter other than how utterly tragic that he had to hide it.  Following the story of Sam, a Tory researcher working on the House of Commons, the play flits from modern day back to the early life of Heath and his own rise to power.  Sam is gay and has an intrigue as to whether Heath was gay or not.

Sam is portrayed as not your typical Tory: working class, from the north west….a bit of a tired cliche to be honest.  What is also surprising is that his boss, the chief of staff to the minister, suggests he keeps his sexuality to himself.  Anyone who has worked for the Conservative Party knows this is definitely not the case.  But perhaps it was more the electorate than the party machinery itself?

The audience had a sprinkle of politicos who chortled at the many Westminster village in jokes.  After This House and Confessions of Gordon Brown and The Audience the politicos have been very spoilt of late with West End offerings.

Tory Boyz is showing until 27 November.  Book tickets online.

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Sarah Southern