Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping Beauty

The Bolshoi’s third ballet at the Royal Opera House this summer season is Sleeping Beauty. After not being 100 percent sure of the story of Swan Lake last week I thought it best to Google it in advance to remind myself of the tale. It is basically the story of Shrek (yes, I am aware of how terrible it is to now view these traditional stories through the prism of Dreamworks/Disney/Pixar and the the like but that is just how the world is sometimes).

For Swan Lake I had been treated to seats in the stalls. Last night I was in the penultimate row of the highest level. And I loved the elevated view. A perfect view of the stage and a good glimpse of the orchestra pit too (in fact I think I’ll opt for V60 again). Don’t be put off buying tickets in high seats at the back. If you have good eyes you’ll be fine.

The ballet flowed and certainly the first half kept me captivated. The Evil Fairy and her sinister minions reminded me of something from the Labyrinth or the flying monkeys from the Wizard of Oz. And when Sleeping Beauty came onto the stage you couldn’t help but applaud. The second half seemed to drag a little. When the Prince gave Sleeping Beauty the kiss to wake from her slumber it seemed like a good time to end. But instead we returned to the Royal Court to be entertained by fairytale characters. The Puss in Boots was very charming and gained much applause from the audience.

It didn’t surprise me to see people queuing for hours in the return queue for this ballet. It really was superb and despite the constant bowing I am enjoying the traditional style of the Bolshoi. Looking forward to Jewels and the Flames of Paris next week.

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