Mrs Gucci


Last night Mrs Gucci: The Musical has its first public showing.  A concert of 10 songs from the musical written by the brilliant Peter Jukes and Marcos D’Cruze gained a loud and approving response from the audience.

Mrs Gucci is the true life tale of Patrizia Reggiani.  She married into the Gucci family in the 1970s.  Her husband, Maurizio Gucci, was the son of Rodolfo Gucci.  Patrizia and Maurizio were married for over a decade before he just left one morning.  Leaving the marriage he started a relationship with a younger woman.  Patrizia was not too pleased with this new arrangement.  7 years later the divorced and although given a substantial annual alimony deal she was still not happy.  With her psychic adviser Pina Auriemma she began to plot the murder of her ex husband.  In March 1995 Maurizio Gucci was fatally shot.  The hit had been arranged by his ex wife.  She was sentenced to 26 years in jail.  Pina Auriemma received a 27 year sentence.    Patrizia was released in September 2013.  Pina Auriemma is yet to complete her time in jail.

A tale of passion, love, betrayal and indeed murder Mrs Gucci has it all.  During the concert we were introduced to four of the characters: Patrizia, Maurizio, his cousin Paolo Gucci and her  psychic adviser Pina Auriemma.  No doubt we will meet more characters when the full version comes to the stage later next year.

The songs are clever and emotional.  I was drawn into this web of passion and riches.  Although not normally a fan of musicals Mrs Gucci has such a good vibe and pace that I really did become immersed into it and wanted to hear more.  The four actors, Julie Atherton, Bart Edwards, Graham MacDuff and Sophie-Louise Dann had superb voices.  I really hope that they stay with the show until it has its full stage premier.  I want to see more of them.

Visit the Mrs Gucci website to read more about the production.

Sarah Southern