Limbo makes up part of the Southbank’s Wonderground this summer.  The Wonderground is nestled on the Southbank showcasing cabaret, circus and a quirky little bar with fairground rides as seats.  It’s a fun little location with some fun shows on offer.  Worth heading down to just to hang out.  But certainly worth taking in one of the shows too.

Limbo follows on from the very successful Cantina show last year.  Some have said that Limbo doesn’t quite live up to Cantina but as I missed it I can’t really compare.  The cast of Limbo are are versatile bunch.  Not only can they dance, sing but they can also climb a 10ft pole and drop with timing, precision and grace. I spent most of the tricks with my hands over my eyes fearing that someone would fall or indeed catch on fire.

The mixture of dance, singing and crazy tricks really were gripping.  I loved the sword swallower who then played with fire that the first few rows felt they were going to be burnt alive.

The show is all around you. It is on the stage, in the air and comes from all angles.  Nobody would have had a bad view.  The show has a real sense of humour too and you couldn’t help but laugh whilst being amazed at what you saw.  The funny little sketch that saw two performers strip but never manage to take off enough pairs of ugly y-fronts to be naked really was a hoot.

A friend who I took with me has seen Cirque du Soleil many times and he thought this was much better.  It is intimate.  It is thrilling.  It is exciting.  It is something you want to see again and again.

Limbo will be on at the Southbank Centre until the end of September. Tickets can be booked online.

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Sarah Southern