Comedy Class: Week 6

Week Six

Week Six and it is the final class before the showcase.  This is rehearsal class.  This is our one opportunity to share our routine so far with the class and receive some feedback.  We have about 5 minutes in which to perform so five minutes of material has to be written somehow.

The various homework assignments Kate has set us suddenly make perfect sense and it is amazing how you quickly you start to form a short routine and how it will fit together.  Trying to craft an actually funny joke is the difficulty.  But workshopping ideas with friends in class has been great and soon a rather average idea suddenly seems to roll off the tongue and actually made people chuckle.

Sharing the routine so far with class was thrilling but also terrifying as you suddenly remember that in 7 days you need to have learnt this off by heart and do it in front of friends, family and strangers.  And, then it dawns on me that I have not told anyone I have been doing this course so currently not a single person is coming to watch and support me.  That was quickly rectified the following morning after class.  Some somewhat startled responses to inviting people to such an unusual night out.  All have ben incredibly supportive and no matter what, whether I make people chuckle, or I flop, this has been such a wonderful experience that has really challenged me, excited me and been so exhilarating.  I really cannot recommend it enough.

Fingers crossed for week 7 and the live showcase!

The comedy class is taught be Kate Smurthwaite and is run by City Academy.

Sarah Southern