Comedy Class: Week 5

Week Five

Week Five of comedy class and Kate is not able to take the class.  She has sent a fine deputy in Naomi Paxton who does the best warm up games ever!  It made me realise why people who went to drama school are so fun.  They spent years doing really daft stuff as part of their learning.

Naomi has us write an ordinary sentence down and we had to say it as ourselves and pass it to the next person in the circle.  They then have to read it in a different way, ideally funny.  It’s amazing how raunchy, inappropriate, excitable you can make the sentence ‘I buy biscuits on Tuesdays’ sound.

Much of the class focused on the positioning on the stage and stage presence.  How you can make sure the audience looks and notices you. Naomi used so many games to do this that we were all a little giddy from laughing by the end of it.

We missed Kate in class but it was a really beneficial experience to have a totally different style of comic come in and teach us.  She gave a different perspective, especially as she focuses more on character comedy.

The comedy class is taught be Kate Smurthwaite and is run by City Academy.

Sarah Southern