Comedy Class: Week 3

Week Three

Homework last week was to think of the person who annoys you most and what sentence sums that person up.  I am full of love at the moment so I am not really hating on anyone.  But one sentence does stick out that drives me mad.  ‘Don’t you know I am gluten free’.  You can also change gluten to vegetarian, vegan and the like.  Why would I know you are gluten free?  I’m not your personal chef?!

We all shared our hatred sentences.  Then in the voice of how the person would say it.  This was very fun.  We then had to think of how that person has sex.  Well, if you weren’t having fun before now you certainly were now.  It was wonderful to see how far people would go to describe the likely sex habits of the person who annoys you most.

As the classes are continuing you can see people develop in confidence and how they are slowly showing their comic style.  It is brilliant to see.  The three girls in the class are really supporting each other and enjoy doing group tasks together – which I love.  Pleased that we are ‘representing’!

The comedy class is taught be Kate Smurthwaite and is run by City Academy.

Sarah Southern