Comedy Class: Week 2

Week Two

Week two could not arrive soon enough for the comedy class.  Kate had set homework for us so it was difficult to avoid thinking about class during the week.  Homework is mainly short writing tasks.  As I said last time, comedy seems to be about writing non-stop.  All the time.  Getting ideas out there.

Week two in comedy class was all about status and dealing with the audience.  Despite the show case being weeks away the nerves of the performance are already showing in the class.  Kate ran us though some exercises in status and how being the higher status character can impact a situation.  It was super fun to do and great to see people’s personalities and humour coming out.  Also interesting to see who are the extroverts and who are the extroverts to the max!

We then moved onto hecklers.  Kate talked us though some of her heckler stories when doing live shows.  The class is worth doing alone to hear Kate’s tales of the stand up circuit and her life as a comedian.  It really is an insight into a very different life.

Heckling, it turns out, is super fun.  Each person had to get up and begin a set, whilst the rest of us hurl abuse.  Non-stop hurling of abuse.  It was brilliant to do.  There were no holds barred.  We all went for it and just kept hollering at the poor person trying to entertain us.  We used all the tricks of the trade that Kate had taught us but most of us could not get through the brutal abuse being hurled at it.  Kate assured us no crowd would ever be as mean as we were to each other.  So, that’s a relief.

The comedy class is taught be Kate Smurthwaite and is run by City Academy.

Sarah Southern