Children of the Sun

I wouldn’t rush to see Children of the Sun at the National.  The first half dragged.  There was a mad scientist/inventor who had an unpleasant wife and a sister of a very nervous disposition.  There was then the doctor who loved the nervous sister.  His sister it turned out was in love with the married scientist.  And his unpleasant wife was being pursued by a very pretentious artist.  The only character I cared about was the maid who many of the other male characters were keen on.  But I don’t actually think she had any great bearing on the script…..

The second half gained pace as the villagers began an uprising against them as they believed the scientist has poisoned the water.  At one point the doctor (who loves the nervous sister) is killed.  I was almost pleased as it meant that was one less character on stage.  It did mean the nervous sister was of an even worse nervous disposition…..

The main highlight was staging.  Amazing optical illusion at the beginning of the play where you felt your seat was sinking into the ground.  Very clever.  The bubbling props for the scientist seemed to boil and bubble in all the right times which impressed a lot.  And the explosion that ended the play guaranteed a squeal from most in the audience.

If you want to see it buy tickets from the National Theatre until 14 July.  I got mine 15 minutes before the performance for £10.  Again showing the National to be the best place to get great priced tickets.

Sarah Southern

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