An Inspector Calls


An Inspector Calls must be a popular play for school students.  I guess a GCSE text.  The Thursday matinee awash with secondary children who did not look thrilled to be missing double maths on a Thursday afternoon.  The girl in front of me chose to sit on the floor throughout.  One can only assume so her teacher couldn’t spot her texting.  Either way, wonderful to see the stalls full of children seeing some great theatre.

An Inspector Calls is a classic play that was revived by the National Theatre in the 1990s to critical acclaim.  The play focuses on the Birling family, a well to do family who are enjoying dinner and celebrating the engagement of there daughter.  They are disturbed when an inspector calls.  The inspector informs them of a death of a young woman and believes she is known to the family.  It seems the family in their own way have had an association with the dead girl.

This revival is well worth seeing and is playing until 25 March.  Tickets available online.

Sarah Southern