A Door in the Wall


A few Friday’s ago my friend arranged for us to go to what I thought was a quiz night.  But a really fancy quiz night.  Turned out I’d not quite read the email right and we were all off to a murder mystery/treasure hunt affair called A Diplomatic Corpse organised by the brilliant A Door in the Wall.

Operating out of the Paudaguay Embassy you are invited to help the Embassy staff solve a murder.  They are happy you’ve come to help them out and provide all the information you’ll need to start the hunt to solve the crime.  After a quick briefing by some chap in a suit we raced round the street of Kings Cross trying to find all the clues (Google maps fired up, of course).

If you’re not sure if you have competitive friends this will certainly let you know.   We were obsessed about the quickest routes between clues and made every situation way more complicated by thinking everything was way less obvious than it was.  But all still very hilarious.  Along the way you come across characters who will assist you with further clues or just hold you up.  One real highlight was a quick game of the national sport of Pausaguay, AGONI!  Very amusing.

You have about 2 hours to find all the clues and then return to the Embassy to help decide who you think committed the murder.  It’s about now that you realise you missed a whole load of stuff and that maybe you’d not quite understood what the main aim of the evening was.  It wasn’t an orienteering task but actually a challenge to work out a riddle!

It is a brilliant night out and you will laugh so much as parts of it are so daft.  I would definitely go to the next one by A Door in the Wall as it was so well crafted and worked so perfectly.

The Diplomatic Corpse mystery will be waiting to be solved until 15 June.  Get your tickets booked now!

Sarah Southern